Bradford Rockwool Party Wall Sealer Blanket - 4000mm x 360mm x 50mm

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Bradford Fireseal Party Wall Sealers are made from non-combustible Rockwool, which is specifically designed to meet the fire protection requirements for inter-tenancy walls in multi residential applications.


Thickness Dimensions Pieces per pack Lineal metres per pack
50mm 4000mm x 360mm
2 8


For use above and within walls, Bradford Fireseal Party Wall Sealer provides fire protection in party walls or separating walls between adjoining occupancies. Supplied in thicknesses of 50mm for tile roofs and 75mm for metal roofs, Bradford Fireseal Party Wall Sealer is also available in 300mm width for most standard applications and 360mm width for wider concrete blockwork or precast wall, such as 140mm wide blockwork.